Tuesday, May 31, 2011



i. Psy324. I loveeeeee Robert Gallen! ♥ He practices clinical psychology in Pennsylvania and he's humorous and he's everything all at once and I'm impressed and inspired.

ii. Ben's house for his fried rice.

iii. Psy250 group research when we went crazy.

iv. CQL taught me how to play Boston on piano haha yayyyy x98216836. I have no piano background so it was quite hard to learn to play with both hands.. but I think I fared well haha thanks to his patience. Reminds me of how I managed to learn Fur Elise in 2 hours from Patricia back in sec 2. Regret not picking it up with I was young. :(

v. Awesome fish head and miscellaneous for dinner!


Fell asleep from reading psy324 yesterday, woke up, and got chided by my mum for having too many clothes. She said that I've used up all her hangers (not true), she refused to hang them back in my wardrobe which is on the brink of explosion (I admit), and told me not to buy anymore clothes (impossible). But I haven't even been shopping!! >:(

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