Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hanging by a moment


Jap buffet with Nat, Sam, Joel, Ryan, and Seth. Was filled up quite quickly and didn't eat much. :/ When I was having sashimi, I thought of Family Outing (Korean variety show), how they went fishing and ate raw fishes and octopuses etc, and was quite disturbed.

I left them in the evening, when they were doing their nails and having haircuts, and it was Zouk with friends yay! We were signed in, and got the stamp for Zouk and Velvet. Drank a little too much, and got the stamp for Phuture, which I had completely forgotten about. Vaguely remember a conversation going something like this after we got out of Phuture and wanted to RE-ENTER:

"But we can't go in we don't have the stamp!"
"WE HAVE! We got it just now remember??"
"Really meh?!"

And was honestly surprised when I saw the stamp on my hand when I stretched it out for verification. Because I thought I was just "trying my luck". Hahaha.

Alcohol makes you sleep easily, but I hate the part when it wears off and leaves you feeling awake after just a few hours of sleep. The hangover is so bad and I can hardly get off my bed. I was just telling myself that I'm never going to drink so much anymore, but that was exactly what I said the previous time haha. :/

Gonna try sleeping again.

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