Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why wait for eventually?


I'm done with the powerpoint slides for my research paper! 6.25am. Rejoice!

On a side note, I absolutely cannot comprehend why some people are perpetually unhappy with their lives. I'm not talking about people in the third world. I'm not talking about adults that are struggling for their livelihoods, working their asses off to pay the bills with their meagre salaries. I'm not talking about people who are suffering from chronic diseases.

I am talking about you and I. I am talking about us. The young, fledging, blossoming, and blessed. We are almost drowning in a river of opulence, seriously what else are you unhappy about? If you don't learn to appreciate, you will never ever be satisfied even in the knee-deep grass you are already standing in. You will starve to death looking over the other side.

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