Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sun soaked season.

Finally went back for canoeing at Bedok reservoir with the juniors+seniors! When the bus was approaching my stop I caught a glimpse of canoeists who were on the water, esp the k2s and k4s' synchronized paddling. I felt a sudden surge of happiness, of nostalgia, of longing, all in a heartbeat. I miss training with my sa team mates.

My beloved coach ^^

I was talking to Ms Ong and she said I have talent in canoeing hahahaha. I think it's a pity that I chose not to join canoeing in SIM. But I think this choice is necessary because I know that I would definitely put my passion over my studies, and it's a history that I don't want to repeat.

Went for a swim after canoeing and I have a nice tan now (which probably won't last for long)! ^^ I'm satisfied.

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