Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's go back to the start.

Hhaahahah hiiii. :D

#onceasaintalwaysasaint on twitter made me think a lot about SAJC. I remember saying that the graduation ceremony was the best day out of my two years because I hated school so much. Such a pity 'cause it would have been the freakin' time of my life if I didn't waste it on one wrong person. But it wasn't all that bad; I think I was just recalling the bad stuff. And I actually kinda miss it. Oh and did I mention I love the tie? 4 years of wearing it to school everyday back in Cedar, and 2 years in SA! How awesome. ^^

Hahaha Bano delinquent.

Spot the darkest legs? I can't believe I was so dark because of canoeing.

My time in SIM pales in comparison. Besides friends, it's just lectures, tutorials, books, strangers, familiar faces that I can't even put a name to, sleeping, eating, studying, spending time in town...... Meaningless, really.

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