Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just one hand can heal another.

Hehe my first friend in SIM! ♥

Qtpi!! The dark brown one's my favourite! ^^

IMG_1439 IMG_1440
HAHAHA I had a hard time trying to control my laughter in class.


I think about Japan, tsunami, how innocent lives are lost on the same planet about 3300 miles away. It's heartwrenching and I'm truly shaken. I think about how fortunate all of us are right here in Singapore. And I think about how goddamn stupid it is that we even have the audacity to complain about the most trivial things in life, when we are already knee-deep in grass where we are.

"I couldn't find any shoes that I like, fml." "Fml I need to get up at 6 in the morning." "Fml I didn't study for the test." "Fml my plans are ruined." Fyl? YOUR LIFE IS PERFECTLY FINE.

It's terrifying and I'm afraid. Be safe everyone. xx

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