Friday, February 11, 2011

The smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

School. Studied with Nat at Macs. Cheryl joined us for Chomps and Udders!

The XLB I drew looks damn cute right ^^

Nat's retarded peace sign which is UPSIDE DOWN. Hahahaha.

This is Nat's extremely cute calculator which I can't stop pressing and acting like a pro hahahaha.


Hahaha this was cny celebration in j2! I just read the letter you wrote me for farewell. Miss our meepok, cuppy egg, mango ice, Popular trips, toilet trips just to look at my reflection for 2s (right?? hahaha!), etc. And I miss using your phone to take a picture of myself and set it as your wall paper hahahaha. ^^ I still remember my first impression of you was that you weren't nice at all and I thought you were some spoilt bimbo haha! And I'm glad to know that I thought wrong. (: You were one of those who saw me through my ups and mostly my downs in j2, and you were always there to make sure I was okay (together with Shiqi and Tracy!), writing me small notes and literally stuffing my bag with sweets and chocolates secretly as a surprise to cheer me up! You even commented on my formspring when you know I was going through another hard time through my blog 2 weeks ago. Aww. :')

Although I hardly even see you anymore, I'm still here if you need (or don't need) me! Hope you're doing well. Miss you so much!! Happy 20th Birthday, Sijia. LOVE YOU. xxx

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