Monday, February 14, 2011

Forever is a terribly long time to wait.

Studying at the airport with Nat was kinda productive! I've always loved studying with friends, even if we're studying completely unrelated subjects. It makes me feel motivated, blessed, less afraid and less alone. Who am I gonna study with when they are all having their summer breaks? ):

Hahahaha Wilson Thong trying to run away.

Rupini I'll miss you! ):

Haha Suria took this. And those are not falsies or extentions! The other day in school CQL said, "They are real?!?!" Yes they are.

Two years ago it was Sunm, Saturday was Rupini and Wednesday will be Cheryl. I think the airport's a very sad place. Sending people off feels just like giving a part of myself away. Do you think it gets easier with each goodbye?

Today I watched Black Swan and I thought how disturbing it is that the pursuit of perfection and the strive towards excellence can destroy a person. I think I used to be quite a perfectionist, but I can't remember when I started accepting mediocrity. Not proud of that.

Valentine's Day is a commercial concoction. Why just this very day to display your love to the people who love you? Why not everyday? But I do miss vdays back in SA, and especially Cedar. We celebrated love and friendship by running around the entire school exchanging flowers, chocolates, sweets, cookies, little notes and hugs. And we'd always go home with one huge bag of them. So anyway, Happy Valentine's Day ♥

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