Saturday, February 19, 2011

And even if your heart is built like the Titanic you go down.

This is less than half of what we ordered in total.

Haha candidddd.

It was my second XLB buffet of the week. I'd never eaten so many XLBs in a span of four days before. :/

Headed over to Nat's house for Just Dance 2 after school yesterday. It was impromptu again! Played in her living room and we perspired so much. And I suck at Guitar Hero haha I need to practise more!
I think it's called Nibbles. A very violent bunny.

Maxi's so adorable. It was rubbing its face against me and Nat said it shows that its accepting me! ^^ It tried to scratch the bunny though, and got scolded by Nat haha.


I've always thought that if there's a problem, we should talk it out. Talk about it, ask, explain, clear all doubts and misunderstandings, instead of overanalysing, misreading and making up our own assumptions. I've always thought that if there's an instant that we have anything to say from our hearts at all, we shouldn't hold back. Tell people how we feel about them. 'Cause most of the time we regret the things we didn't say. The intensity of our emotions isn't the same all the time. The capacity of our hearts varies from time to time. And if we wait too long for the perfect moment, it will pass us by.

But I've come to realise that sometimes, it's best to just shut up. Doesn't mean we have to pretend to be fine, doesn't mean we have to deny the existence of a problem. Just be silent. Say nothing. Save the fruitless attempts. Save the heartaches.

I like to talk things to death. So I wear my heart on my sleeve, I let my guard down, I put myself in such a vulnerable state, I explain, I try to listen and I try to be heard, I try to understand, I try, and I try. I like to talk things to death. So I make things worse, just by trying to make them better.

I say nothing. It really doesn't matter.

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