Monday, January 3, 2011

Let there be love.

First post of the year! So much for not doing anything for countdown haha went to Rhian's place. I downed 2 king's cups. I ate 2 packets of chips without realising sigh I think I was just hungry. Reached home when the sky was bright and got ready for work which was at 0930. The reason why I even drank was so that I could survive work without sleep! And I did. ^^

This is the only picture I have of that night.

2010 flew by so quickly that everything seems like a blur to me. I still remember what I wrote on the 31st of December, 2009. 2009 was the worst year of my life so far and I'm glad 2010 took a huge turn. Topshop took up a huge part of it since I spent about 6 months there. 2010 totally opened my eyes. So many lessons learnt the hard way and some mistakes I'll never stop making. I'm done with people who don't try 'cause it takes 2 hands to clap. I'm done with people who are not worth my effort. I'm done with people who try to seek comfort in someone new when they are obviously dragging along an emotional baggage - with their exes sitting on it. I'm done with people with their empty words. Because of these people I stopped trying and stopped believing in so many things. But I know I need to stop being such a skeptic and take a leap of faith 'cause not everyone is the same and I never know what the future brings.

To hell with resolutions like being more consistent in work, saving more money, exercise more, or whatever. Forget about resolutions that we know we'll never keep. All I wish for this year is to be happy. And of course the same for everyone else.

Here's to another year of love, growth, progress and experience. ♥


Anonymous said...

hello,i can totally feel you.aft a failed relationship,, i still kept hope of getting tgt agn. i took leaps of faith only to be disappointed every single time.
but life is full of trials and tribulations. if u nver tried, u ll nvr know and u ll probably regret it in the future.
all i can say is every failure is a learning experience. though i cant say for sure that i myself can stay this positive all the time, it hurts yes, but all these wounds will need to heal some day. it just takes some time. we have to be a lil patient.
Happy new year, Good will come to you.. :)

Kathleen said...

Thank you. (: All the best to you too (: