Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lest we forget.


Topshop has a new playlist this month and to my pleasant surprise the first song is VCR by The XX which made a good start to my last day of work. I had the same break as Ulrika and we had meatball marinara for lunch. She said, I have something for you. And she gave me a small note, percy piglets and Moxy! After my break I went back up for work and Isadora asked for my locker key. I opened my locker after work and found a packet of popcorn from thepopcorngallery. I have such sweet colleagues. :') It's only been less than a month. I kept having silly emotional moments throughout the day and I was always this close to tears, like how when a regular customer told me, "See you around again!" ): Leaving Topshop for the second time but felt just like the first.

Cecilia told me I'm one of her best staff. That made me feel like crying too. And she thinks I will definitely go back to work again hahaha.

I was assisting this customer and she said "You look mixed. You have some Katy Perry going on here. Very pretty."
Hahahaha. That's a really huge compliment but aww.

I'm terribly bored and awake. Gonna head out soon. Have a good night. x

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