Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm not asking to be saved.

I want a hair cut and a tan.
I want a htht under the stars.
I want to stay in bed all day and read a book.
I want to watch a sad movie and have a good cry.
I want sushi buffet.
I want retail therapy.
I want to spend time with everyone that I miss.
I want awesome breakfast to kick start a day.


The weather's been so cold recently especially in the mornings and nights. And what I want is to snuggle up to someone in bed. I have bad moments at work. And what I want is somebody there to listen to me whine even if I keep repeating the same damn thing. Everyday after work I feel so tired. And what I want is to collapse into a pair of arms and get a nice lovely hug. I'm experiencing pms and the slightest things irritate the shit out of me. And what I want is somebody to tell me that it's really okay. I'm not looking forward to school. And what I want is somebody to assure me that everything's gonna be alright.

Every single time, all I want is the same thing. So pathetic I know. I'm not even thinking straight right now 'cause I'm too tired. Goodnight. xx

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