Sunday, January 30, 2011

Forget the spilt milk.

Friday dinner with Nat at chomp chomp!

New ring again! #25

And this is #26. ^^

Two weeks of school have passed and it was nothing like how I wanted this semester to be.

This year hasn't been good. December ended too soon and then silently came January which didn't even knock. Everything came in a whirlwind, left, and now it is just me picking up the broken shards. Today I stumbled upon a picture that brought back some good memories and it kinda hurt again. I had to force myself. And I've never tried so hard to force (f-o-r-c-e) myself like this. Happiness, hope, change, loss, pain, tears, all in a month. And it's only January. BUT it's only January. No matter how bleak the upcoming months seem right now, I think everything will be fine. Even when it doesn't turn out the way we want it to, it always turns out fine, doesn't it?

January has definitely taught me a thing or two. Talk is cheap. Sometimes words are as light as feathers, so quick, so thoughtless, a beautifully spun cobweb of nothingness. Other times they hold so much weight, they are swung like punches that hit you right in that very spot. Words are afterall, only words. But surprisingly, they still work. And anger? Holding anger is a poison. People say the stupidest things in a moment of anger. And so do I. When anger ceases and you think of what you've said, it will always be the opposite of what you wish you'd said. You can't take words back. Which is precisely why we should always hold our tongues before someone gets hurt.

At the end of the day, no matter how heartbroken or angry you are, it isn't a matter of comprehension anymore. It's forgiveness. And that's one real thing we can offer to the people who matter.


Anonymous said...

love this post and how you write it! no matter up, chin up aye! (:

Kathleen said...

Thanks dear (: Hope all's well for you too.

sunm said...

omg CHOMP CHOMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen said...