Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dance the way I feel.

After school on Friday I went for a hair cut at Essensuals! Finally, after a year. There's not much difference though. :/ The hair dresser blew curls for me after treatment.

^^ It makes me happy when I realise that I carry Topshop from head to toe unintentionally. On that day I was wearing Topshop's black dress, ballet pumps, knickers (haha) and I was carrying my Topshop bag and the tiny free bottle I got from Knightsbridge (which was confiscated at Zouk later even though it was empty!).


The people at the vintage cafe at Arab street are so friendly! We felt so welcomed. Good food in generous portions. Definitely going back again!



Nat thinks I'm a road hazard because I kept snapping pictures when she was frantically looking for a cab.




It was such an impromptu decision to club. I love being spontaneous! I love having something to do without having it planned beforehand. Like, "Do you want to go __ now??" "OK LET'S GO." Set. Bang. Isn't it exciting?! Love it! I was too full to drink though, which was a good thing. It was the second time I walked into a club feeling completely sober. We danced for 3.5 hours straight and I was really tired after that. And I really hate it when the dancefloor is so packed. :/

So the night wasn't too bad actually. Thanks Nat especially ♥ And it made me fully understand why people like to drink and party away when they're feeling down. For one night you feel like you don't give a damn about anything, you suddenly feel invincible and you say fuck everything. And it isn't because all these music and alcohol keep your mind off things — you simply lose yourself instead. Sad, isn't it?

Okay it's time to sleep. Good morning. My body clock is as screwed as ever. Have a good Sunday. (:

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