Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The sexiest curve on your body is your smile.


After work: Yogurt, $3 manicure, pictures, food and lots of fun talking and laughing together. ^^ For once I'm the oldest 'cause they are just 16/17. First time hanging out with them and I love them already! I can get along really well with people who talk a lot and those who get excited very easily like me hahaha. They are so easy to talk to, with no pretense or whatsoever. Love it! So hard to find people like them, 'cause almost everyone is so guarded and it just makes things very difficult. :/

Look at my pretty nails! ^^ So anyway today's my only off-day and it's work all the way till next Wednesday, which is my last day of work. ):

I need to mention that Monday was such an awesome day at work! It seriously feels SO good when customers look for you to express their gratitude personally after purchasing their items at the cashier counter. It makes me really happy and it makes me feel that the amount of effort I put into my job is all worth it. (:

And that, is priceless.

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