Monday, December 27, 2010

Today is my only day off for the week. I was supposed to go for a tan but the weather wasn't too good. I woke up without half my voice. My throat is terribly sore. Started since two days ago I think? I've been taking whatever I can find but it still isn't any better. I finished half a jar of honey in three days. Seriously it hurts so much that I feel like crying omg I need to grow up. Sorry just let me whine for a while ok? I can't eat properly and even though I'm tired I take so long to fall asleep 'cause it's so painful. :'( I see a cold coming and I really need another day off. ): Pretty please I need to feel better tomorrow. I need my voice and energy to serve customers. My throat is being such a bitch yknowwwww. ): Sigh.

What a mess I've made again.

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