Monday, December 6, 2010

There you go making my heart beat again.

Feather Fringe Cropped Top, Snake Print Hotpants: Topshop.
Layla Block Heel Shoes: Topshop. Black Elga Fringe Wedge: Miss Selfridge.
Graduate 3 Buckle Shoe Boots: Topshop.
Facet Tigers Eye Ring, Abstract Turquoise Ring, Filigree Stone Ring: Topshop.

Lip and Cheek Tint in Bitten Berry: Topshop. THIS IS AWESOME. Currently waiting for more of this to arrive because mine is finishing soon! ):


So. My body clock is screwed. Been sleeping in the day and studying at night. I really can't wait for the 14th. Need to start doing things that I like and spend time with people I love. And probably work my ass off, if they agree to take me.

Oh yes I raided my mum's wardrobe today! I found a couple of nice bags which have been collecting dust and I can't believe she didn't tell me about them. What are they doing in the cupboard! What a waste right?! The longchamp is in an awful green though. :/ The other two are vintage! I'll ask her for them one day haha! Andddd, I stole a vintage belt. Hahahahaha. I should probably raid my grandma's too. And my aunts'. I bet my aunts have LOTS of them. Hhahaahaha kidding la that's too much.

Back to books. Happy belated birthday fav boy!

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