Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clap your hands if you're working too hard.

Two more days to a brand new year! Probably not doing anything for countdown since it's mid shift for me on the 31st and morning shift on the 1st! Last day of work will be on the 12th. I've been working and working at the expense of my social life. I really miss my friends. I know I missed out a lot and I'm so sorry for my absence. ):

Before sem1 ended I actually told myself that I MUST spend this holiday playing like crAaAZzzYy. Never intended to go back to work at TS, but I'm honestly glad I did. Although it's only been a very short period of 2 weeks, I really like my colleagues. (: I love being in an environment like this where everyone's so friendly! Breaking the ice is effortless. Putting a smile on people's faces every single day feels awesome and it definitely beats playing my holidays away for my own pleasure.

Supposed to look like this ^.^ hahahahaha alrighty goodnight.

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