Thursday, December 16, 2010


Intended to study at home on my birthday since papers were just around the corner. Seriously bad timing but anyway my lovely friends came over to surprise me! How sweet. (: My mum kinda spoilt it though. The night before she came into my room saying, "Tidy up your room, you have a surprise tomorrow." And on the 11th itself she said, "I've already put some drinks in the fridge. Later if, let's say IF, anyone comes, get the drinks for them ok." and then, "Actually I'm not supposed to tell you but I feel bad if I don't, so later when your friends are here to surprise you, act like you're surprised ok?" ?!?!?! My mother.

Nat said, "I can imagine you like this and pregnant."

Pls look at Sarahj.

Hahahahaahah our cheerleader smile.



I turned 19 in tears hahaha. That day was such an emotional day I don't know why. :/ I cried for like 10min at 0000++ 'cause I was so touched by all the wishes. And I was in such a bad mood in the afternoon but then my friends came and turned it all around. Supper with fav boy and he bought me a pretty night lamp 'cause I'm too afraid of the dark to sleep alone haha omg my friends are so sweet! (: So blessed. (:

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